About Lisa Pleasant Photography

I didn't grow up with a camera in my hand.  However, I have always had a love of photographs. I have always loved being able to go back in time and remember a special place or event by way of photographic images. In college I took a photography class but never did anything with it afterwards.  Six years ago, I purchased a new digital point and shoot at the encouragement of a friend.  I love, love, love this camera.  Soon I was taking photographs of family and friends all the time.  I started taking photographs of things I never thought interested me before like the beautiful patterns on the bark of trees made by nature.  This camera along with the encouragement of my friend helped me discover my passion for photography.  Now, not only do I enjoy looking at photographic images but I love participating in capturing a special momemt, the beauty of nature, or people just enjoying life with my camera.  And of course, my point and shoot camera still has a place in my camera bag. 

Let me share my love of photography with you!